Oakwood Christian Preschool will... 

  • Provide a relaxed, Christian atmosphere where children of preschool age can spend time interacting and learning with children of the same age.
  • Develop Christian attitudes by providing the opportunity to learn acceptable ways of self-expression, stretch their imaginations, and discover acceptable means of dealing with the frustrations of discovering individuality.
  • Provide adult role models, who can offer a Christian relationship and developmentally appropriate learning experiences.
  • Impart the benefits of Christian based curriculum. (Feel free to ask us for details about this!)
  • Provide age-appropriate activities, nutritious snacks, indoor and outdoor play, all while learning about God.

To contact us:
Oakwood Christian Preschool
401 N Oakwood Road
Enid, Oklahoma 73703
email: preschool@myoakwood.org
phone: (580) 233-1225