First Service @ 9:00 am        

                                                                                                              Christian Education is important.  Many kids today go through church without ever knowing the major stories of the Bible.  Bring your kids to our great Sunday School classes and find out what they can learn through exciting stories from God's Word.  These classes are interactive, fun, and the learning environment is great.  Join us and see how God's Word can change a child's heart!


-Infants-2's in Toddler Room across from the Sanctuary

-3's in Star Room (216) in Children's Wing

-4's & 5's in Circle Room (214) in Children's Wing

-Kindergarten & 1st grade in Triangle Room (210) in Children's Wing

-2nd & 3rd grade in Gear Room (207) in Children's Wing

-4th & 5th grade in Puzzle Room (205) in Children's Wing

-6th through 12th grades in Theater Room in Oakwood Activity Center

 Join us this week!