Safety & Health

Please come by the check in desk to receive a child name tag and parent security tag.  These tags are a way in which we can notify you for emergencies.  Plus, it's a safe way for our volunteers to know whose child belongs to whom.

Food allergies are also noted on the child portion of the name tag.  Please let all check in volunteers know of any allergies as well as the classroom teacher.

Parent notifications will appear on the screens in the sanctuary and in the halls during service.  Text messages will be sent to parents during class times.

In case of building evacuations every child will be evacuated any time the alarms are sounded.  The Oakwood team will make sure all children are safe and accounted.  Parents are not to pick up their children during evacuations to ensure smooth and efficient evacuation takes place.  We don't want our numbers off causing a panic that a child was left behind.  Pick up will take place on the softball field near the backstop.


We thank you for helping us follow these procedures!