Children's Ministry

  OUR PURPOSE:  "Helping Kids Connect to Christ!" 

As a church we want to educate and partner with parents in helping them be the primary spiritual leaders for their kids. As a church, we want to be a positive impact that encourages children to enjoy learning about Jesus and helping them take that next step to become more like Jesus. Our children’s ministry staff believes that the children’s ministry is one of the most important ministries of the church! Our impact on a child’s life can make an eternal difference. 


NURSERY (Infant - 2 year olds) 

We love to serve the families, babies and growing toddlers of Oakwood Christian Church. We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment. Parents can rest assured that their children are being cared for and loved on while they are away. We teach children about prayer and that God made them and loves them. The next generation of disciple makers begin as infants and our heart is to teach every child from the start to love the Lord with all their hearts, souls, and minds!


EARLY CHILDHOOD (3 - 5 year olds)

Our purpose is to provide a safe and fun environment for Preschoolers, serve the children and families of Oakwood Christian Church and minister to each preschooler in a way that allows them to grow in the knowledge of God’s love for them. Our classes include an interactive element of praise and worship, and hands-on bible teaching of the Word of God. Stories are a major element of our class and we use pictures, props and songs so that children can remember the story being taught. Through simple bible verse memorization, Old and New Testament Bible Stories and prayer we encourage Preschoolers to grow deeper and closer to God in a tangible way!


LOWER ELEMENTARY (Kindergarten - 2nd grade)

So many changes occur during the early elementary years.  Your children go from being nonreaders to readers, they outgrow baskets full of clothing, and the amount of information that they daily pack into their heads is astounding! Through all of the growth that takes place, it is our desire to come along side you and partner with you in the growing and maturing of your child's faith.  Of all the things that they will ever learn in their life, the only thing with eternal importance is a relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is our honor to help you nurture your child's faith, and help lay a solid foundation of biblical teaching.  It's such a joy to watch your children worship and grow in their understanding of the Lord as they take their next step!


UPPER ELEMENTARY (3rd - 5th grade)

Our desire is to see 3rd - 5th graders come to the step of accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Then we want to help provide tools for them to grow closer to Jesus. We are intentional about teaching them scripture to strengthen their foundation of faith and emphasize how to apply those principles in their lives. We want to offer different ways for them to worship Jesus through singing, playing an instrument, and just living their lives according to God’s holy standards. We want to create an atmosphere that is fun, engaging, and personal.